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COMMANDO-XTC reviews Battlefield 3 (X360)

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As someone who just started BF3 I was pretty disturbed by the fact that I had to download more than 3 GB to update (!) the game - but at least that means the game is no longer the glitchy, buggy game I played when I played the metro beta.

I've played the campaign which was really enjoyable, great graphics, awesome soundtrack, nice gameplay - urban warfare, jets,tanks, sniping, chasing... WOW!

The multiplayer is both different and difficult though and (compared to Modern Warfare) hard to learn but worth the time once you learn about the keys to success. Well, it's not Modern Warfare so it took me some time to understand that this game has a big learning curve to fully enjoy it.

The weapons are somewhat unbalanced. I mean it took me more than 4 hours to get 100 kills with the M4A1 but less then 2 hours to get 100 kills with the 870 shotgun - I feel that speaks for itself. From the vehicles I have only experienced the tank quite a lot and driving the tank with an attentive partner is really fun. The jet and the choppers are a pain in the arse to handle successfully. I don't understand why they made it so exemplary difficult to pilot the aircrafts properly. Perhaps I just have to reconfigure the contoller settings. I mean, even the choppers in Frontlines were quite easy to pilot damn it!

What I really love about the game though is when you play as a good squad. I play conquest mostly and to go for objektives and capture them as a team is the best gaming ever. Almost as enjoyable as Frontlines. Almost lol

I love the maps. Some are small and intense. Others are wide and more quiet. So there's some for everyone

Overall I absolutly don't regret buying it!

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Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 25/OCT/11
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Sounds good, except it would be better on a PS3.
fancy, I haven' touched it in months.

Also Xeno, get your fanboyism outta here :P
Who are you calling a "fanboy?" I'm a hater, hating on the Blech-Box.
Can't we all just get along? Oh who am I kidding, I love to see infighting amongst the consolers. Let there be civil war! The PC shall rise again!!! (much like The South, amirite?)
I actually live in a former Confederate territory and do most of my gaming on the PC, so RIGHT ON, RAVENKNIGHT!
Advance the flag of PCs! Hurrah! Hurrah! In PC's land we take our stand, and live or die on PCs! To arms! To arms! And conquer noobs on PC! To arms! To arms! And conquer noobs on PC!
I am superior! I am a fusion of console and PCs! BOW BEFORE MY MERGED MIGHT

@Mishy "casts Red Ring of Death" (>^.^)> - - -
*deflects using Blue Screen of Death* ===<(^.^<)
@Mishy "External Hard Drive casts Restore from Backup" (b^.^)b
@Ravenknight816 "Virus casts Erase back up data" ^(O_O)^
"Avast" and be off, ye yellow bellied virus! There be no stowaways allowed on me drives! *summons XBLAccttHaxx0r* (>-.-)>|-----
ahh...thanks for your comments...I guess. lol
We are glad to be of disservice.
I do apologize for Amtraking your review, and I offer a truce to Mishy (she played extremely well, no?) /bow
This is gDNA. Our rails run in all directions.
@Ravenknight816 Truce rejected for calling me the wrong gender >:(

*Counters xbox live hack with RNG password based off rolling a dice every time I log in*

@Mishy Well I had a 50/50 shot and figured it might be better not to go the other way around (scorned women and all that). I do apologize for the misrepresentation, and presently concede defeat due to sheer embarassment. (v-.-) But I will return.. in THUNDERBALL

*goes to the locker and grabs his shotgun, mumbling into his grey beard "This is my house... This is MY house you prowlers!!"*
*suddenly the doorbell rings, and as you move to answer it, the faint smell of smoke and something unpleasantly familiar wafts towards you...*
@COMMANDO-XTC you had me thinking of Fallout lol...damn empty lockers...oooo wait, some 5.56 mm round, these will be handy.
@MissMeggarz142 ahh Fallout... If they would take away all my games but one it would be Fallout lol BEST GAME EVER!
@Ravenknight816 *grabs his night vision googles and turns it on "Huh? What's that creepy green light? Looks all green now... Perhaps I shouldn't have drank that green tea... or the spinach...or the green cheese...wait a minute... the cheese was green wasn't it?...ahh..I'm not sure though...damn it..I just put on the wrong googles...these are the lobotomite googles that I brought back from the Big MT"*

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