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“what a lazy dog...”

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/First-Person Action RPG
Release Date: 11/NOV/11
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Nah, he's just tired from all that adventuring.
he USED to be an adventuring dog.......until he took an arrow to the knee.

come on you KNEW it was coming.
Lazy? Looks to me like that dog is groveling for his life.
Actually, I did my best to protect him. But, sadly, shortly after this picture he found his final rest in some dungeon...
Perhaps he should have put more effort into his groveling.
Is that Barbas? I can't finish that quest. I forgot where I left that dog. :-( Sometimes, I just go the top of High Hrothgar and shout his name, hoping he'll hear. Skyrim is so lonely.
@twilsonxpert Idont know/rmember wether this is Barbas or not. In some town I was offered to buy the dog which I did. But I don't even remember the town's name.
He probably ran off to chase a Kajiit.
to Elswyr.
Cats rule and dogs drool.
but they're not very popular in open world games. Name me three really popular games that feature cats over dogs.
@Wastelander-75 The Resident Evil games feature dogs. In Fable 2 you have a dog (and I think Fable 3 has a dog too but I'm not sure). In Dead to Rights a dog is your companian all the time. Fallout New Vegas has 'Rex' the King's dog. Can't tell about cats though lol
Does TWEWY count for Team Cat? Shiki uses cats in all her special moves.
Final Fantasy VII has Cait Sith, a cat riding a moogle.
Actually FF has a lot of cats... XIII-2 has many recruitable cats, Lulu uses cat dolls in X... Hmm... I'll put more thought into this some other time.
Star Ocean IV had a blue haired slutty cat girl.
Now that I'm thinking about it, are there ANY cats in Fallout3 and New Vegas? I don't think so.
No. Thank God.
All the Elder Scrolls games feature a cat race and no playable dog races (unless you count becoming a werewolf). there's 5 right there.

There's also the Vah Shir in Everquest and the Kerra in Everquest II, Planetarion has the Cathaar, The Nagorans are a major feline enemy in Galactic 123, and Angry Zombie Ninja Cats doesn't give dogs a title role.

Need more examples? Pick up a few dozen random games made in Japan and see how many have a catgirl on the cover.
I loved that dog from Fable 2. I believe I chose the ending that brought him back.
Papa Burch got the best ending in Fable 2.
There's a petition to get cat people in WoW.
is there a petition to KEEP cat people out of WoW?
If you try to start such a petitin, the cats will shred it.
Like they have the energy or the attention span to do that.

And even if they did......

-dangles ball of twine in front of Xeno.
*steals the string and runs away*
See what I mean?

*uses the string to grind Tin Can Phones*

Dang it! Just two short of leveling my Junkcraft skill! >.>
Legend of Zelda likes cats as well... I remember a few parts in a few different Zelda games involving cats. Skyward Sword is no exception either with their siamese transforming monster cats.
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